Duo-Regen has been in battery technology for over 30 years

FIX your battery and EXTEND its LIFE !!

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From the day a battery is made performance decline begins. Sulphate crystals gradually accumulate and cover battery plates resulting in lost capacity, cell distortion, short circuits and eventually cell failure from sulphate “suffocation” or related sulphate induced plate damage. The unique DUO-REGEN® process combines highly specialized additives and state of the art microelectronic PWM pulse technology as an electro-chemical sulfate reversion system. This technology dissolves sulfate crystals, cleans and re-energizes battery plates, restores electrolyte strength & recovers lost battery capacity.

You may not know it but your battery is already dying ….. Many battery owners are unaware of the downward slide in their battery performance until “suddenly” the battery fails to provide sufficient operational time. Would you like to extend your battery life and thereby save thousands in replacement costs??


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