RESUREX SOLUTION Battery Additive 1 Bottle does 6 Batteries


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Free shipping. SUPER CONCENTRATE BATTERY RESUREX SOLUTION 1 BOTTLE To Do Your Entire Golf Cart for 36V & 48V
1 Battery does 6 Golf Cart Batteries

RESUREX® Battery Regeneration Additive USED BY PROFESSIONAL BATTERY REGENERATORS WORLD WIDE! This listing is for 1 bottle of RESUREX® SUPER CONCENTRATE BATTERY RESUREX SOLUTION. 1 Bottle is enough to repair all the batteries in one golf cart and battery systems for 6, 8, 12 Volt batteries

We have been restoring and selling this proven battery solution WORLD WIDE for over 30 Years for all types for Wet cell batteries. Forklift, Marine, Cars, Motorcycle and Golf Cart batteries with proven results.RESUREX® Additive is Super Concentrated formula and is ready to use product.

One bottle contains 16 ounces of solution or 473ML. See usage chart on Bottle for each type of battery to restore. The RESUREX® Additive can be used in all types/brands of flooded wet cell lead acid batteries.

SEE PHOTO?S, MSDS SHEET AND 1 OF THE REGENERATIONS CENTERS AND PRODUCTS! Q: Do I need to take the batteries out? No, you do not need to remove the batteries. Q: Do I need to remove acid? No, unless you don’t have room to add 20ML per cell. Check the acid level and if you need to remove some, then do so and then add the additive… use safety glass and gloves when doing this or working with batteries. Q: When should I see Results? You should see after 3 charges and 3 discharges of the battery. How to treat your batteries: First make sure the batteries are fully charged. Then check the acid level and if you need to remove some, then do so and then add the additive. Wait 24 hours and then start to discharge the batteries and then recharge again. Don’t over discharge the batteries. Never discharge a battery below 1.7 volts per cell or on 6 volt battery not below 5.2 Volts. A fully charged battery is 6,6 volts or 2.2 volts Per cell when new. Acid gravity should be 1280 fully charged. If you have a cell below 1.5 volts or below 5 volts after charge you might have a bad fell in the battery. A good Safety tip: ALWAYS!!! Wear safety glass and gloves when working with batteries any time.

See photo of back of product Usage Chart Average 12 volt Starting Motorcycle Battery 2ml per cell Car/Boat Battery 10ml per cell Bus/Truck Battery 20ml per cell Golf Cart Battery 20 ml per cell Forklift Battery 180ml per cell we do add a measuring cup with each order.

manufactured by Green Science & Innovations Made in the USA.

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