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cevec Center for Electric Vehicule Experimentation in Quebec (Canada)
Centre d'Experimentation des Vehicules Electriques au Quebec (Canada)
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" Your price was less than one-third the cost of a new battery and the battery is working great. We are now about 60 days since the battery was regenerated and we have enjoyed perfect starts every time with no problems with the battery at all.  Thank you for your excellent service and great product! We will certainly continue to use your company's service and products."
Timothy Calhoun
President, Mr. Electric of WEst Georgia
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"I am happy with the two yellow Pulse units I got and highly recommend them, but if you have a large system of deep-cycle batteries...then go for the red Pulse units..."
Neal King
New Zealand
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"The first time I drove my golf cart after you installed your set of batteries, I nearly gave myself whiplash! Wow! What a difference. Also, I could not believe how they looked brand new. I am more than thrilled..."
Woody Cole
Carroll Realty & Insurance Company
Carrollton, Georgia
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"I must tell you about the performance of the battery you repaired and sold to me last summer. Prior to getting your resuscitated battery, I was using one which I had to charge every five days at least. Following your recommendation, I bought an old battery which you had earlier picked up from the disposal dump and revived.  Since I received this battery from you, which was resuscitated using the Duo-Regen® Technology, I have not charged it except the small power solar panel source that I connected it to inorder to replenish the energy drawn from it to run my water fountain. Not only did the battery run satisfactorily without any need for recharging, when you came to check it out using your Medtronix, the CCA was actually higher than the final CCA rating of the battery.   I have been very satisfied with my battery since then. You can be sure that I will be recommending this technology to my friends."
Sincerely Yours,
Cam Bowes

"After installing the Resurex® solution along with 3 Maxi-Life Pulse® units, the batteries were able to accept a charge for a longer duration that increased with each charge…I am able to get significantly longer use out of the Golf Cart that I used to have to charge after each use…I am very impressed with the results and have now installed your products on my cars and trucks with the same satisfaction."
Kevin Plekkenpol
Land O' Lakes, FL
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"As a Trojan Battery Distributor in Eastern Ontario, we have been using the Duo-Regen® Technologies on a variety of Trojan products as well as other manufacturer's lead acid lines…we have seen great success with the product in the deep-cycle applications…The Total Battery Group of Companies has been involved in the testing and evaluation of pulse and chemical battery additives for the past 10 years…the Duo-Regen® system is the most successful."
Alan Simpson, President
Total Battery Group of Companies
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"My customers are extremely happy…we have been saving them huge dollars…they are referring me to other companies…we revived 1000's of batteries usingResurex®Pulses, and Chargers."
Andy Mainville, President
Battery Rejuvenation Services
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"It was a real pleasure to try the Duo-Regen® Technologies on my EBW…for the experiment, we took an old used-up battery (65n) that could not achieve more than 8.7 km of distance…after treatment, it was possible to drive more than 24 km…the old battery is as good as new and even more."
Paul Laprade
Electric Big Wheel
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"We recovered a totally dead battery from the scrap heap and treated it with your product…amazingly, the inverted polarity cell was corrected, the battery regained the ability to hold a full charge, and we have been using this battery in daily service for several months…this is direct proof that your product revives dead batteries…you have developed a remarkable product…I look forward to significant savings through its use."
F. Mauti, Plant Manager
Recochem. Inc.
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Belkin Logistics, Inc. 

To whom it may concern: 
My name is Marco Montenegro. I am facility supervisor at Belkin Logistics Inc. in Compton California at our corporate office. Before we came in contact with Battery Solutions using the Duo-Regen® technologies referred to us by our forklift repair company Pro Forklift, we had many electric forklift batteries that were unusable just sitting on the rack. I was skeptical they could regenerate our 5-year-old plus batteries that I considered to be at the end of their life. I decided to let them try doing, at our location two of our worst batteries. I am very impressed with the results. Both of these batteries have been put back into service lasting like new batteries. 
Since these initial batteries we have regenerated a total of 17 electric forklift and electric pallet jack batteries saving thousands of dollars off new battery prices. Also we are trying to budget regenerating some batteries at our Indiana location that has the same or worse situation with their batteries. I can validate that this technology really works like claimed and recommend it to any company who has batteries especially the very expensive electric forklift and pallet jack batteries.
Marco Montenegro, Facility Supervisor
(310) 898-1100 x3740
501 West Walnut Street | Compton, CA 90220-5221, USA
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